Thursday, March 12, 2009

And We're Off ... Almost.

A COLOSSAL thank you to Katrina for getting this thing up and running! If left up to me, I'm not sure it would have gotten done in time ... 

So I have to say that we are very excited about the trip, despite the busy-ness of getting ready for it. Not only will it be fun to see our friends (Ted and Connie) again, but it seems like we will really get to spend time with the people and community there -- that means meeting other teenagers and children! I'm totally pumped.

We leave for the airport tomorrow at 3:45pm and will not arrive at our destination until Saturday at 6:00pm (which will be 3:00pm here). That's a LOT of travel time - and I am looking forward to spending it with the crew going! Speaking of our crew ... here is a list:

Sam Dallas
Krissi Dallas
Rebekah Fahey
Teri Mullins
Emily Mullins
Wendy Wood
Amelia Wood
Nolan Dunlap
Brice Warren
Brendon Riley
Chris Mueller
Matt Mueller

While there, we are hoping to update this site with more interesting tales of our Argentinian Adventure! For now, we greatly appreciate prayers for safe travel and some kind of satisfying sleep through the night. We don't want to start the trip out exhausted! Pray for Rebekah, too, as she is a first-time flyer. LOL - this will be quite an initiation!

Thank you for the prayers, the support, and the blog visits. We'll see you back here later. And now I've gotta go -- it's 9:00pm and I still haven't finished packing. Yep, it's true ...

(Oh, and happy 50th birthday to Greg Warren!)

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